Moving from cassettes to digital dictation: 

How digitization can work in the traditional construction industry.

The facts

The customer
Soyez Stuckateur GmbH, Ilsfeld, Germany
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Philips partner
DIKTAT-STUTTGART, ppm-stuttgart Diktiersysteme
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The solution
SpeechExec Enterprise Dictation and Transcription Solution
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In an industry that tends to be rather conservative, innovation can be particularly competitive. As a result, Soyez Stuckateur GmbH has decided to implement its digitization strategy for their internal communications and has made the switch from analog to digital dictation. The company recently introduced Philips SpeechExec Enterprise to ensure smarter and faster processes between its field and office staff. The result: better working conditions for employees and even better service for customers. 

Before: lost cassettes and dictations, tedious processes with obstructive deadlines, a lot of paperwork and thus a lot of media disruptions, as well as high costs. Now: Digitized construction files, that enable more flexible workflows, state-of-the-art workstations that make remote  working and working from, home even more feasible; hardly any paper files and therefore a reduction in resource expenditure. In between: a failed attempt to document construction progress using conventional dictation apps on a cell phone. „These apps are unsuitable for professional use,“ Marco Strittmatter, master plasterer and site manager at Soyez Stuckateur GmbH in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, says looking back.

„ They also lack technical vocabulary, making the follow-up process far too time-consuming. These free apps make a ‚mockery‘ of any serious work.“ For modern workflows between different locations and distributed workplaces in the post-pandemic era, Soyez has chosen the Philips Speech Exec Enterprise solution for digital dictation.

Better internal communication - better customer service
The transcription and dictation solution has quickly replaced analog cassettes and outdated processes at the construction company. Primarily used for communication between site managers on the construction sites and typists in the offices, it speeds up the exchange of information and makes it even more reliable. „This mobile way of working can be efficiently handled with the Philips SpeechExec Enterprise solution. The site managers dictate on the construction sites and the documents are transferred online. This makes us much faster than before and makes it easier for us to prioritize customer requests,“ Strittmatter continues. „This helps us achieve our goal of delivering excellent customer service.“

This mobile way of working can be efficiently handled with the Philips SpeechExec Enterprise solution. The site managers dictate on the construction sites and the documents are transferred online. This makes us much faster than before and makes it easier for us to prioritize customer requests.

Marco Strittmatter
Master Plasterer and Site Manager, Soyez Stuckateur GmbH

Paper filing and media disruption: Gone are the days
In-house, SpeechExec Enterprise also has  several advantages: „We now work in a more modern way,“ summarizes Strittmatter, giving an example „We have almost eliminated the paper filing system for quotations; they are now mostly recorded digitally. Construction files can be viewed and edited on an iPad. With SpeechExex Enterprise, we have new innovative workflows and far fewer media disruptions than before. In addition, the new solution is very easy to use; anybody who knows how to use a PC can work with it.“

Modern technologies to combat skills shortages
Internally, the new, faster and more reliable workflows have been well received by employees for a number of reasons: audio quality of dictations has improved for example, which is essential for site documentation where legal issues come into play. Data can no longer be lost and the workflow between field staff and the office staff has become smarter. State-of-the-art workplaces are a must for plasterers, painters and drywallers like Soyez GmbH - especially in this age of skilled labor shortages. The construction industry in particular needs pioneers for digital transformation, and the company rightfully sees itself as such: „Our industry has suffered from bad reputation; we want to fight this, among other things, with modern technical tools within our company processes,“ explains Strittmatter.

The implementation did not go entirely smoothly given Soyez GmbH‘s internal server architecture; however, Strittmatter highlights the expertise and support received from Philips partner ppm-stuttgart: „I can only recommend the service provided by ppm-stuttgart; you could tell they were fully committed to the project and were therefore very understanding and insightful about our unique situation.“ This is how Soyez GmbH „finally arrived in the 21st century“ in an industry that is traditional rather than innovative. „ Now, we are ahead of the game in terms of digitalization,“ Strittmatter concludes.

The solution

More satisfied customers

“The SpeechLive mobile app has given some of the therapists who are new to dictation an ease of workflow. It is a skill in itself to talk rather than type.“

Sarah McEntee, Occupational therapist, team leader

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“Lockdown prompted the change, but the versatility offered by SpeechLive is something we didn’t know we were missing.“

Adrian Barker, IT Manager, Ison Harrison Solicitors, UK

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“That’s the way the future is. It’s all heading towards cloud based, to having everything integrated into your smart phone. With SpeechLive, it just made sense to just get on board with where technology is taking us towards.“

Victor Pritchard, Accounts & Office Manager, Bale Boshev Lawyers

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“In terms of security, the software is hosted on-premise and so are the dictations. Patient privacy is a big priority for us and it’s important that we keep their data safe.“

Tammy Bands, IT Manager of Orthopaedics SA

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